File of Life

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File of Life

The Orleans Fire Rescue Department utilizes the File of Life form as a tool to assist all residents of the Orleans community. Its goal is to help you keep an accessible recent written record of any daily medications and all of your existing health history.

Why should you use it?

First of all, it can help you survive a medical crisis, by providing the names of all your medications and the detailed reasons why you are taking them. This is equally important if you are rendered unconscious without the presence of any knowledgeable family members, friends or caregivers.

In order to respond properly and quickly, Emergency Medical Technicians and other medical workers must know your medical history.

With an up to date record of any medications and their doses, you can simplify the task of providing you with the best medical care possible in the event of an emergency.

How do you fill it out?

With the use of a pencil, you should fill in all of the appropriate areas with your personal medical information. Please be certain to revisit and update your File of Life form anytime there are any medical changes.

Be sure to accurately list your medications and their respective doses and how often you take them (frequency). This includes any over the counter medications, like vitamins, herbal supplements and aspirin.

If appropriate, please list all surgeries, medical conditions and any allergies. Note any allergies to food, mold, bee stings, specific medications and other items.

Where should you keep it?

If you're at home, you can keep a copy of it on your refrigerator. But if you travel away from home, be sure to keep a copy on your person.

This way, emergency medical staff can quickly review your medical information and if necessary, relay the data to the hospital.

When should you update it?

As mentioned, any time you visit your doctor or when your medical situation changes, be sure to update your File of Life form without delay.

This includes any new medications or the discontinuation of old ones. Whenever you update your File of Life form, remember to also record the current date at the top of the first page.

In summary

With an accurate up to date File of Life form, you can help yourself survive a medical crisis by providing timely information to medical staff.

You can find the File of Life form in the Documents / EMS section of this website. Simply download the file or choose to open it immediately on your screen and print it.

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