History of OFD

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February 6, 1893

Town meeting approved $1,000.00 for purchase of hand drawn fire pumper and hose.
The new pumper was housed on the Leo Cummings estate.

February 7, 1922

Second Fire Engine arrives in town; 1922 Model T ford

February 1922

Fire Department was officially organized

June 21, 1923

Special town meeting approved $7,250.00 for new pumper to be built by the Maxim Motor Co.

February 1925

Town meeting approved $7,000.00 for new fire station

July 9, 1929

George Knowles Appointed Fire Chief

February 4, 1935

Town meeting approved $600.00 for Ford truck to be used as combination hose and ladder truck

February 7, 1938

Town meeting approved $1,000.00 for the purchase of portable forest fire pump and hose

February 5, 1940

Town meeting approved $7,000.00 for purchase of a six hundred gallon triple combination fire engine pumper

September 1947

Previously started Fire Station Addition finished new station housed the Barnstable County Forest Fire Service Truck and the Ambulance

February 19, 1951

Town meeting approved $566.60 to purchase E & J Resuscitator for Fire department

February 27, 1952

Fire ravages Snow library the building is a total loss

May 1, 1952

May 1, 1952

Lawrence Ellis appointed Fire Chief