Lock Box Program

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The Fire Prevention division also oversees the lock box installation program for the town of Orleans.

Lock boxes allow Fire and EMS crews to use a previously secured door key to enter a property after hours. These keys are crucial to help reduce damage and save time during potential emergencies such as fire alarms and EMS calls.

Lock boxes are required on any home or business that has a fire alarm that transmits off the property. Lock Boxes are also required for residential properties where the occupant has a medical alarm and may need EMS assistance.


Lock boxes are available for purchase at the Orleans Fire Station.

**(Costs vary due to the amount of lock boxes being ordered at one time), Please call the Fire Station and ask for Melissa so you can get the correct price.**



Orleans By-Law 62 entitled Alarm Systems 

(Adopted October 16, 1990)

 62-1 Requirements

Any building which has a fire alarm system or other fire protection system or medical alarm which transmits an alarm off-premise shall be required to have the following:

    1. Permit to install or alter system
    2. Provide a secure key box intalled in a location accessible to the Fire Department in case of emergency. The key shall contain keys to the door (s), fire alarm control panel and any other keys necessary to operate or service fire protection or medical system. The key box shall be a type approved by the Chief of the Orleans Fire Department and shall be located and installed as approved by the Chief.


62-2  Violations and Penalties

Any building owner violating this By-Law after receiving due notice by the Fire Department shall be subject to a fine of One Hundred 00/100 ($100.00) Dollars. All fines may be recovered by noncriminal disposition in accordance with G.L. Chapter 40 Section 21D. Existing systems will have six (6) months after adoption of this by-law to bring premises up to code.